With Stellar Lifewear, once you’ve chosen your Apparel or Product, it’s now time to select the most appropriate Decoration option. Not sure which Decoration is best? Connect with us now and we’ll step you through it.

Supacolour is the latest technology in digital reproduction of logos. It is a proprietary technology and can reproduce logos perfectly without a need to compromise. The benefits of Supacolour are: unlimited colours with high vibrancy, ultra-high detail, ultra-high resolution/photo reproduction, high stretchability and robust with eco-friendly inks used.

Supasub is a proprietary technology that is perfect for when the detail in a logo can’t be reproduced with embroidery but you still want the look of embroidery.  Supasub is perfect for products where Supacolour isn’t viable like beanies and scarves. Supasub gives fantastic detail, vibrancy and quality but the embroidered edge offers a real point of difference – essentially it’s the best of both worlds! 

The benefits of Supasub are: detail (finest of text, perfect gradient), high resolution, versatility (can be applied to bags, caps, beanies, scarves, apparel), lightweight feel compared to solid embroidery, choose what colour thread for matching or contrast, choose from satin stitch or cross stitch for a different look and feel.

An on-trend decoration method making the most of the recent advancements in technology. The laser-etched suede patch is laser-cut then overlocked onto a range of products like headwear, bags, blankets, beanies and scarves. The stylish finish is subtle yet effective, showcasing both the product and your brand in a professional manner with a high perceived value and retail look. 

The benefits of Supaetch are: 11 different colour suedes available, versatility (can be applied to bags, caps, blankets, beanies and scarves), choose what colour thread for matching or contrast effect, choose from a satin stitch or cross-stitch embroidery edge for a different look and feel.

Supaflex is a branding option offering high detail logos with a matte or gloss finish and attached with embroidery for a quality result. Supaflex is perfect for Caps, Bags, Beanies and Scarves. Available in 2 options:


9 Background colours (see chart below), textured-matte background, any design or detail, satin stitch embroidered edging, any shape, your choice of matte or gloss finish.


Any design or detail, cross stitch embroidered edging, any shape, your choice of matte or gloss finish.

Sublimation or Dye Sublimation is the method of dying polyester fabric to form a full colour, bright, crisp image. We offer a range of Towels that can be Sublimated either edge to edge of the entire fret, meaning you can have an entire beach towel or a gym towel completely covered in any image, logo, or design you can imagine. The only design limitation is your imagination.

Embroidery is the traditional method of decorating fabrics with threads. Embroidery offers a clean and professional finish and can be used on a wide range of products including Bags, Headwear, Beanies, Scarves, Towels, Blankets, Jackets and other Apparel. The key to achieving a great embroidery job is in the digitising of your logo, and we spend the time to make sure that your logo looks the best it possibly can.

Yes, we know, it’s a lot to take in. Times have changed and Stellar Lifewear are changing with the times. If you’re still not sure what decoration you need for your Apparel or Product – don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll show you the way!