Stellar Lifewear is a supplementary specialty of Stellar Uniforms. With 11 years of providing custom designed sportswear to many clubs, teams and associations world-wide, including: sports, businesses and community groups, Stellar Uniforms understood the frustration had by many of not being able to source quality, on hand and available quicker: pre-made Apparel and Products that are not custom made and can be picked, packed, and trucked within 3 weeks. Thus Stellar Lifewear was born.

Stellar Lifewear knew it was going to be important to align ourselves with an industry leader who could help our clients in obtaining all therefore mentioned – so we welcomed Legend life and their associated World-Wide Brands to Stellar Lifewear…

Legend Life is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced promotional product suppliers.

For over 35 years, they have been manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of promotional and corporate gifts – from custom designed products, right through to stock items. You’ll find their products on people’s heads, back and shoulders across a wide range of industries including mining, agriculture, government, retail, corporate, uniforms, school and safety wear, business gifts, conferences, events and more!

They design and innovate. Legend Life loves to design. They have an entire design team dedicated to developing their ever evolving stock range plus custom made products.

They source their products ethically and produce responsibility. When you choose a Legend Life product, you’re affiliating with their strong social ethics and corporate responsibility in regards to overseas manufacturing.

They manufacture premium quality apparel and bags. They work closely with their factories and manage strict quality control procedures so you can be confident that when you choose Legend Life through Stellar Lifewear, your product will stand the test of time and quality.

They ship, warehouse and stock. The 4500 sq. meter warehouse is full of constantly moving product. They are the largest stockholder in Australia which means they’re ready when you are. If you need as many as 5,000 caps or as few as 20 jackets for an event this weekend, you can rely on us to have them in stock.

They’re trustworthy. They are lifelong members of APPA and are proud to be a member of the national board.

The Legend Life brand is well recognised and well respected. Their house of brands has grown over the years to include Great Southern Clothing Company, Stormtech, Stedman Collection and Next Level Apparel. 


From the time we approve your decoration artwork and you fully pay for your gear – we can have it delivered to you within 3 weeks to your local Metro area within Australia. Please note that: we will check before this to make sure we can supply to you by your required date.

PICK – spend some time on our website and associated supplier websites to work out exactly the apparel or products you need. Then have a chat with us about the right decoration for you.

PLUCK – once you’ve confirmed your order with us and are fully paid up, we’ll pluck your choice from our warehouse shelves based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and get your order finalised.

TRUCK – we’re ready to go and will delivery your order to you at your nearest Metro area within 3 weeks.

SOME IMPORTANT INFO TO CONSIDER: We’re all human. Sometimes mistakes can be made. Sometimes your desired product may not be in stock or we may not have enough of said desired product. Sometimes the courier process within Australia can take a little longer than hoped due to border closures or other acts of GOD if you will. Please do be patient. If your order is not going to a Metro area and is required in one of our wonderful regional areas, then your quote will reflect this and we will discuss with you the approximate time frame for delivery. Delivery time frames will also depend on how quick we can turn the artwork around for your approval. We thank you in advance.

Stellar Lifewear are proud to be working with World Leading Companies that only produce quality products where you will get value for money in ethically and socially responsible  manufacturing and the use of recycled materials with traceability technology and wrap certification.